Living Eulogy: Penny Dusick


I actually wrote this a few months ago, but like many things in life, just never felt like it was finished.  Well, I suppose that’s the point of this whole “Living Eulogy” series; to say things that you don’t normally get around to saying.  So, on this Mother’s Day, I decided that saying not-exactly-complete words were better than keeping what had been said to myself.  So yeah, my first Living Eulogy:

Penny Dusick

Selfless. Loving. Dedicated. Amazing.

Penny Lee Davis was born on December 6th, 1952.  While I didn’t know her as a child, I can only imagine she was a fun and free spirited individual from the time she was born.  Her family and friends say she was a riot as a teenager and always full of life.  She married Robert “Bud” Dusick on September XX, 19XX and became Penny Dusick.

Over her nearly sixty years on this earth, there are about a million adjectives that could be used to attempt to describe Mrs. Penny Lee Davis Dusick, but none can solely encompass this simply complicated woman.  If I were to sum it up into one word; that word would be “amazing”.  She is a lot of things, but the sum of those adjectives all lead to a person that is simply amazing.

To help illustrate, I’ll tell a little story:

My first introduction to Penny Dusick was about 8pm on April 29, 1977; the day I was born.  Penny is my mom.  From here on out, I’ll refer to her as such.  I was their first born, she was 24 years old.  To me, it was her actions the days shortly after my birth that truly define my mother as a person.  You see, I credit my mother for saving my life.

About a year after I was born, my mother noticed something.  She, like all concerned mothers went straight to our pediatrician.  While the peds doc agreed, the hospital denied that anything was the matter.  My mom, with Dr. Singh leading the way, would not stand down.  They pushed and pushed until they found a hospital who would look further into this concern.

Within days, I was diagnosed with an incurable cancer and my mom was in the waiting room while her first born was in surgery.  For most twenty-five year old moms, this would be devastating.  I know very few young people who could handle this sort of news.  However my mom, who was also in her early years of Nursing School, rose to the challenge.  Her little boy was sick and it was her job to make sure he got better.

Strength & Dedication:

The next few years were probably harder than anyone can ever imagine.  I look back at pictures from those days and it makes me cry just to see the unique combination of fear, pain & love in everyone’s eyes.  But, one person stood tall through those times…my mom.

Looking back, I believe it was that Nursing education combined with the inner strength and dedication that saved my life.  My mom challenged every doctor, every nurse and every nay-sayer.  She studied, pushed, learned and loved…and never once backed down from her belief that she could save me.

In the end, we beat all the odds and I’m here today to tell you how amazing my mother is.  Some call it fate, some call it a Miracle or Divine Intervention, but I believe it was all of the above…with my mom acting as the Project Manager.  She fought and willed all the cancers into submission.

Obviously, this part of the story ends here…but, the real story was just beginning.

Selfless & Loving:

In the thirty years since those days, I have seen my mother do all sorts of things.  From creating a support group for other mothers and children with facial anomalies to being the best infant death bereavement counselor in the area, my mom’s life has been devoted to helping others.

She’s the first person to be there for a friend in need.  She’s never met a stranger, and every person she meets is her friend.  Her phone rings daily from former patients, random friends and family members looking for medical advice, emotional support or just a friendly voice.

As a mom, she’s the ultimate.  Birthdays and Christmas are her favorite.  She loves to give joy to us kids.  Now, as a grandmother, she’s the world’s greatest.  My niece, Baby Isabella, will be the single most loved human being in the history of the world, and Bubu Penny is the leader of that clan…


At the end of the day, she’s my Mom and I love her with all my heart.  I don’t always say it, and don’t always act like it, but I love her.

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1 Response to Living Eulogy: Penny Dusick

  1. Pattie McCarty says:

    Very nice Mothers Day message to acknowledge your wonderful Mom! Love you, Aunt Pattie

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