Do You Know Dave Dusick? Yes, Yes You Do!

So, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve written a blog. Actually, that’s a lie. I’ve written about four, but I haven’t published any of them. I just can’t seem to get it right. The subject, you ask? Me! Dave Dusick. I know, sounds simple, right? Nope. Not as simple as you think…

“I am the one and only,
nobody I’d rather be.
I am the one and only,
you can’t take that away from me…”
 – The One & Only, Chesney Hawkes
For a guy who spends a LOT of time talking about himself, it’s amazing how hard it is to sit down and try to explain yourself. At the end of the day, I think that’s it…I can’t really “explain myself”.
Right now, I’m jammin’ out to “Songs for Sale” by David Nail.  It’s on repeat to help me keep my train of thought…
“Some are called to preach the gospel, 
string fence in Colorado…
Some are born to raise a family,
swing a hammer at a nail,
haul bricks or carry mail; 
Go to college, Duke or Yale…
But, me…
I got Songs for Sale.”
 – Songs for Sale, David Nail
This song really speaks to me because I think I’ve spent a large portion of my life searching for my “thing”. I’ve been blessed to spend the majority of my life dedicated to motorsports. It’s been an amazing run that continues to yield experiences I never could have imagined. However, at the end day, is that who Dave Dusick is?
No, I don’t think so.
Okay, so thirty out of thirty-five years dedicated to one thing…and that’s not who you are?  Okay, fine. It is a large part of me, but it’s not all of me.
Fine, so who is Dave Dusick?  Wow. I hope you’ve got some free time! 😉
No, that’s where I’m going to make this one different. Here’s the bottom line, I’m a function of the people around me…
Since the day I was born, I’ve been blessed to be surrounded to an amazing support structure. My family is unbelievable. Not just my Mom, Dad & Sister; but the whole Dusick clan. My aunts, uncles and all the cousins. They are absolutely the most loving people I’ve ever met. It gives me great honor to be the sole bearer of the Dusick name. I can’t wait to carry on the family tradition…
My friends; Wow, what an eclectic group! Looking back, I guess I’ve always been blessed to have a great environment surrounded by people who’ve looked out for me. I may be similar to a three-legged dog that everyone just loves; but hey, I’m truly grateful for those who “had my back” without me ever knowing it…
Then there’s those who’ve touched my life by sharing theirs with me.  There’s been drunken nights in 49 states and nearly a dozen countries; and I wouldn’t trade one of them.  It’s not about the drinks, the bar / house / beach / racetrack; it’s about the guy/girl that was standing next to me….
Finally, the women. Oh, the women… I love women. They’re amazing creatures. 
“The trouble with girls is they’re a mystery,
something about ’em puzzles me.
Spent my whole life trying to figure out,
just what them girls are all about.
The trouble with girls is they’re so dang pretty,
everything about ’em does something to me.
But, I guess that’s the way it’s supposed to be…”
 – The Trouble with Girls, Scotty McCreery
No, seriously. For a long portion of my life, there were two things that motivated me: racecars & women. In fact, for a long time, I lived by the “even a great woman plays second best to a good racecar” philosophy. However, it took great women to teach me otherwise. I know that there are a few that still probably growl when they hear my name, but I can say this without a doubt: I would not be the man I am today without the influence of the amazing women who’ve created, opened, held, touched, moulded and broken my heart throughout the years…
One day, a woman will walk into my life, take all these puzzle pieces and put them together. At that moment, everything will have been for a reason…
So, a great family. Unbelievable friends & some great women. That’s Dave Dusick? Yup!
Ya see, that’s just it…who I am, is a function of who YOU are.
“Life isn’t about the experiences we have, 
it’s about the people with whom we share them…”
For years, I worried that I was a horrible friend, but one day a good friend explained the following: 
“Dave, you have more friends than any person I’ve ever met. If you were a bad friend, that wouldn’t be the case. Relax, we love you for who you are.”
Since that day, I’ve tried to embrace “who I am”. I’m me. I could spend hours throwing out adjectives, telling stories and apologizing for the past thirty-five years, but why?!? It’s been the best thirty-five years that I believe anybody could ever have…and I’m truly grateful for all 12,826 days* of my life!!
That’s what this whole “I Know Dave Dusick” thing has taught me. It’s crazy, but there are literally thousands of people whom I can call my friend. There are even some crazy enough to wear a t-shirt with MY name on in!?!?  At the end of the day, THEY do know Dave Dusick. He may be a different person for each one of them, but to them, he’s Dave Dusick. 
At the end of the day, that’s best answer I can give.
Here’s a line from a Live version of “Somethin’ More” by Sugarland that I relate to on every level…
“Ya know, I’ve got to tell y’all something…
People, they come up to us all the time and they say:
‘Jennifer & Kristian, y’all are so lucky..
getting to go out on the road and play your music for a living.’
And, I tell you what Lexington, Kentucky…
I look at all your smiling faces here this evening,
and you know what I say to that?
 – Somethin’ More, Sugarland
You know, people come up to me all the time and say:
“Dave, you’re so lucky getting to travel the world and meet all the people you do…”
Well, world, you know what I say to that…?
For that, I Thank You.

*Yes, I used Excel to calculate the exact number of days in my life.

The One and Only, Chesney Hawkes
Songs for Sale, David Nail
The Trouble with Girls, Scotty McCreery
Somethin’ More (Live on the Inside DVD), Sugarland
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